Best Beetroot and Bean Burger

Best Beetroot and Bean Burger

I love a good juicy burger after a long day but if you’re like me and care about your carbon emission you probably know that eating beef is not the most environmentally friendly option. Thank god there are veggie burgers that are not only healthy but also delicious.

Since I moved back to Europe I didn’t really have the chance to have a good vegetarian burger so I decided to make my own. I read a bunch of recipes but I just couldn’t find the right one. Firstly, a lot of the ingredients were super expensive or not available where I live. Secondly, almost everyone complained that their patty didn’t stay in one. So after extended research I came up with my own recipe that (if I may say) turned out scrumptious. The two main rules I learned while researching recipes:

  1. Use a vegetable that has starch in it (legumes and potatoes are perfect) and a vegetable that is more juicy.
  2. Before you put them in a frying pan bake the burgers for a few minutes. It will help them not to fall into pieces.

With these rules in mind you can make just any kind of vegetable burgers. I have already tried it with pumpkin and cuscus and the zucchini/courgette version is coming soon. It takes quite some time to make these burgers but they are worth the hustle. You’ll need at least an hour, hour and a half but once you baked the burgers you can freeze them and save them for those busy days.

This beetroot and bean burger is sooo delicious that not even meat eaters can say no to it. (I’ve tested it). So if you feel like giving it a go here’s the recipe:


500 g fresh beetroot

200 g red kidney beans (tinned)

1 medium sized onion

2 cloves of garlic

half a cup of oat

a handful of walnuts

salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme

1 egg (optional)

Peel the beetroots and dice them. Pour some olive oil into a frying pan, add the beetroots and the spices and cook them under a lid till they’re soft. Do the same with the beans and onion then pour everything in a food processor and process the mixture to get a paste. Mix in the walnuts, garlic and oats. Depending on how juicy the beetroots were you might need more or less oats. You can add an egg to help the mix stick together but it’s optional. Once you have the right consistency you can start making the patties.


Put parchment paper in a pan and with the help of two spoons form little piles. I find that it’s easiest to shape them once they are in the pan. Bake the burgers  till they have a very thin, hard layer and they are more solid but be careful not to dry them. Take them out from the oven, freeze what you don’t need, pour some oil in a frying pan (you’ll need only a thin layer so the patties won’t stick to the pan) and cook the patties till they get a nice colour.


I serve them in a home-made bun (still looking for the perfect recipe) with different sauces, salad and tomatoes. I think English mustard especially compliments the earthy flavours but you can use anything you like. Get creative! 🙂