The konmari method is big these days. Everyone is doing it and as I have been a huge fan of living with less I had to read the book, too. I think it was great in many ways. I like the idea of giving our objects the recognition and appreciation they deserve and I also like that we choose what we want to keep by emotionally evaluating each thing. It worked great with most of my personal items, although, it was a bit hard when it came to stuff from my childhood. There were some things that I knew immediately that I wanted to get rid of. It felt great saying goodbye to some of my old journals with my negative thoughts in them and it was also quite easy to sort out my photos but my clothes were a different question.

Mari Kondo says that we should start the whole cleaning with our clothes as they are the easiest to get rid of. So I followed her instructions and took everything out, held each piece in my hands and tried to … feel. With some pieces it was not even a question that I wanted to keep them. I wore them a lot so it was obvious. But when I got to my summer clothes it got more and more difficult. I also had problems with clothes that were relatively new but for some reason I didn’t wear them too often. I know, I should probably have said goodbye to those pieces but as I’m not a hundred percent happy with my style I wanted to give them a chance. Some of the clothes also made me feel guilty. It was really difficult to realise how much I waste so I think I kept a few things just to justify my purchases. “If I wear my clothes they were worth the money, energy and labour.”

In truth, I only delayed something that would happen eventually but I couldn’t trust my feelings… I had to come up with another technique and in the end I did. One day, I was lying in bed, thinking about where to move next and I started to think about packing. I couldn’t fall asleep so I tried to imagine the clothes I would put into my backpack or suitcase. As I usually travel for work I need all sort of clothes from formal to everyday wear. And so my new decluttering method was born.

Before I started cleaning out my wardrobe once more I sat down and wrote down the clothes that I would definitely pack if I had to move. Then, I removed everything from my wardrobe and made 3 piles. One for recycling, one for charity and one for the things that I wanted to keep. I know it is against the konmari method but I did try on a few things that I was unsure about. With the help of my list I was much more confident this time. Although, I kept a few things that were originally not on my list it was much easier to identify those “guilty pieces”.

I think, in the end I did a great job and managed to get rid of those pieces that made me feel guilty. By focusing on the clothes that I absolutely love it was much easier to let go of those that I don’t. My spring capsule wardrobe is ready and if I happen to move in the next few months it will be easy to decide what comes with me to my next trip.


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