I’m getting ready for spring with a new, more conscious diet. Before I start, I thought it a good idea to update my knowledge on fasting so I used the good old internet to help me understand the physical and psychological effects and the history of fasting better. It plays a big role in all religions and whether for a day or for a longer period of time, people fast for mental and physical purification all over the world.

There are different ways of fasting but for now let’s talk about the Christian customs. That’s because I’m in Europe where the majority of the population are Christians. In Lent, Christians commit to fasting and/or give up luxuries for 40 days. Some people give up meat, some eat only one big and two light meals a day and some even restrain from social media. I don’t want to lose weight and I don’t really have any harmful habits such as smoking or drinking but I do want to eat more healthy, so I’m going to pay more attention to where my food comes from and that my diet is not harmful for the environment. I must mention ahimsa, which comes from Indian philosophy and means non-violence or non-harming. Plastic is extremely harmful for the environment so in the next 40 days I’m going to pay more attention to the packaging of my food as well and hope to create new habits.

Once we are emotionally prepared it’s time to learn about our new diet. I’m not an expert and anyways, I believe that everyone should choose their own eating habits but there are some general rules when it comes to vegetarian eating. If we don’t want to get bored with what we eat we have to try new recipes and ingredients. As we are not eating meat we have to make sure that we eat enough protein, iron and other stuff that our body needs. It is also important to know which vitamins we need to supplement our new diet with. There are a ton of good articles on the topic written by experts so I suggest that everyone does their research. The whole point of fasting is to become healthier and more in balance not to feel miserable.

If we know what our body needs we can start collecting recipes. I love pinterest. It’s an endless source of information and usually it’s enough to look at a picture to start my fantasy fly. I love to invent my own dishes but if you are less adventurous you can follow the original recipes. Before you change your eating habits take some time looking at the pictures and let them get you excited for your new diet.

The last step is shopping. Now that you know what dishes you want to make it’s time to buy the ingredients and fill up on fruits, veggies and nuts. I love markets because the goods are fresh and often cheaper, plus you have more control over the packaging but you can find good things in the supermarkets and other shops as well.

Once we feel ready, it’s time to change our diet. It takes time to create new habits but remember that we are doing it for ourselves. Don’t be too strict with yourself andstay positive. I’m excited to find out how this experience is going to change me and what I will be able to take to my everyday life.



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