I wrote about 2 of my resolutions for this year, creating a capsule wardrobe and decluttering. Both serve the same reason: getting rid of the things that I don’t need and creating more space. I want to do the same with my body and eat healthier, which means eating more fruits and veggies. I think I’m already doing well but there’s always room for improvement. I’m also experimenting with ways of reducing my carbon footprint so I’m also trying to cut down on animal products. What can be a better time to start a healthy diet then lent. Although, I’m not religious I found that it makes perfect sense. Spring is upon us, which means more fresh fruits and vegetables, and… I think I just found it an interesting experiment.

I know veganism is very popular these days but I don’t believe in these one-size-fit-all trends. Don’t get me wrong, I think it can be a great option to a lot of people and anyone who’s trying to do something for the planet and their health earned my respect but I don’t think it’s the only way. When we are trying to decide which diet is the best we need to take a lot of factors into consideration, such as the climate, resources, where the food comes from, and our bodies are not the same.

Anyway, whether we decide to give up meet and/or other animal products entirely or just consume less of them we do a favour to the planet and ourselves. In the past people ate less meat and I think we could definitely do with less. So as of the 1st of March I’m trying to pay more attention to what I eat and would like you to join me in this experiment. In the next few weeks I’m going to give some tips on how to eat more fruits and veggies and maybe even share some of my favourite vegetarian recipes with you. I’m also going to share some other cleansing techniques that I learned in Asia. Follow the blog if you don’t want to miss them 🙂


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