Although, the new year has started it’s not too late to think about your resolutions and set attainable goals. I personally feel that the beginning of the year is much better to set goals than the end. With all the parties and family gatherings I never have enough time to sit down and think about the things that I want to achieve but once the holiday craze is over I can relax a bit. Instead of big goals I try to focus on smaller things that can lead to big changes.  So if you are like me and haven’t had time to make any resolutions or just want to re-think the ones you made here’s a list that can help.

Make space for the new
– De-clutter
– Buy less
– Make better use of what you have
– Start a capsule wardrobe
– Clean your computer (organise your pictures, delete people from social media, etc..)
– Let go of the past
– Be open to new experiences
– Make new friends
– Don’t be afraid of the unknown

Do something for the environment
– Use less plastic
– Eat less animals and more plants
– Walk more
– Buy less, buy better
– Avoid palm oil
– Give to charity

Work on your relationships
– Avoid negative people
– Don’t waste time on those not worth your time
– Spend more time with those who really matter
– Be present. Pay attention.
– Be open-minded
– Learn from others
– Help others
– Try to find something positive in everyone

– Spend more time creating
– Try a new art forms
– Make something with your family and/or friends
– Try new recipes
– Be present and enjoy what you are doing

– Exercise more. Walk more.
– Try new sports and find what really suits you
– Meditate
– Spend more time outdoors
– Consume less processed food
– Cook more
– Eat breakfast
– Go to bed a bit earlier

– Explore your area
– Go on small trips more often
– Start to save for a big trip
– Try new dishes and drinks
– Visit museums around your area


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