Christmas fever has definitely started in Italy. Last week, the Tyrolese Christmas market was opened at Piazza Grande, just a few meters from where I live so now I’m listening to carols all day long. The opening ceremony involved lighting  “a thousand” lanterns, which were definitely less than a thousand (not even a hundred if you ask me) but it still looked cool. I’m definitely getting excited as it is going to be the first Christmas with my family in two years. I’ve already started shopping and made some D.I.Y. decorations.

Today was especially busy with the usual monthly antique market but it was worth putting up with the crowd. I love flea markets in general but Italian ones are especially good. With real antique and designer furniture which are not always that expensive and there are still cheap enough things to buy even for me. The first time I went I bought a picture frame for 5 Euros which was a bargain. It’s quite big and in a very good condition and if you take that a similar frame would cost the same or more in IKEA… You can also buy second-hand books, clothes and kitchenware or just walk around and soak in the atmosphere…


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