Since I graduated from university I’ve lived in 3 different countries (not counting Hungary) and have learned a few tricks on how to live light. I’m still learning how to live with less but I think I’m on the right track. I’d like to start a series where I share a few tips on how to decrease clutter in your life and be more minimalistic. In this first part you can find out how to survive with less clothes.

It is impossible to pack your whole wardrobe when you move to a different country and all you have is a suitcase (or two). In the past I made the mistake of over packing. I even squeezed in some clothes that I never wore just because I felt guilty buying them but not wearing them. The other reason for over packing was that I wanted to be prepared for everything (including extreme weather, famine and plague). Now, that I have experience and learned from my mistakes I try to pack light. I choose clothes that I really like and wear a lot and try to make sure that they match. If I have a pair of red jeans but none of my tops look good with them then I’m not going to put them in my suitcase.

Choosing neutral colours makes things easy. I like to wear plain clothes and spice them up with a pop of colour or jewellery. Find what works best for you but don’t forget, styling around certain colours always saves some space in your suitcase.

I like to have some basic pieces (leggings, tank tops, etc..) that I can wear every day. It’s also important that my wardrobe is suitable for my job. By mixing and matching the things I have I can change my look completely without having a tone of clothes and look professional at all times. I tend to go for the same pieces, anyway. Even when I have a wardrobe full of stuff I wear the same things so why waist that precious space in my suitcase?

If it comes to the worst and you realise that you didn’t pack something that you need you can buy new clothes. Just remember, you’ll probably have to pack them when you leave. For that reason shopping second-hand is a good idea. It saves you money and if you can’t pack all your things once you have to move it’s less likely that you’ll get your heart broken because you can’t take everything with you.

Before I moved to Italy, I did some shopping and I will probably have to buy some things  for the cold weather but as a “new home” resolution I decided to try to minimise my shopping for  the next year.  It’s good for my wallet and the environment 😉


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