I moved to Italy. It was quite unexpected and I only had a week to book my flight and pack but here I am, drinking espresso in Arezzo.

I’ve been here for a week and it’s been tiring but thank to amazing Italian coffee I managed somehow. I arrived to Arezzo on Monday and moved in to my apartment on the same day. It’s spacious and beautiful with a mixture of antique and modern furniture, old wooden floor, marble kitchen counter and table, and a very precious orchid plant that we have to look after. My bedroom is quite big and I have my own bathroom so I don’t have to wait for my flatmate. What’s more, it takes only 10 minutes to walk to work. I couldn’t be happier.

Another big plus is food. I’m getting familiar with Italian supermarkets and restaurants and I haven’t been disappointed once. Everything is fresh. There are some things that are hard to find, though. I like stocking up on canned beans and chickpeas but it seems like Italians prefer them dried, which I guess is healthier but more complicated to cook. On the other hand they sell fresh herbs and spices and I can’t wait to learn to use them properly.

I absolutely love Italian coffee and in comparison to Vietnam you can get freshly baked goods with your espresso, which is a huge plus for me. After my porridge/oatmeal I usually have a coffee with some pastry as a second breakfast. And it’s not even that expensive. My other favourite is gelato. Coming from Hungary I’m used to good ice-cream but after having lived in countries that know nothing about ice-cream I can really appreciate Italian gelato. Luckily, my apartment is on top of a hill so I don’t have to worry about getting fat.

There’s an antique market in town this weekend so there’s plenty to see and do. The prices are not too bad either but I’m saving my money for later. There’s a market every month so I will have plenty of time to shop if I change my mind.

I’m starting my Italian lessons on Monday, which I hope will make my life easier. I can understand a lot but it’s really annoying that I can’t speak. I have a busy schedule but I hope I will have enough time for my hobbies. Teaching also starts on Monday so it’s going to be an exciting day tomorrow. Till then I’m going to relax a bit and enjoy my espresso macchiato 😉


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