It’s children’s day in Hungary so I did some research and find that it is celebrated at different times in different countries. In many places it’s the 1 June which is only a few days away so I decided to stick to the Hungarian date, which is the last Sunday of May.

So let’s celebrate children with these pictures from around the world.

One of my favourite pictures. Kids in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
cambodia kids2
Child monk in Angkor, Cambodia
hong kong kids1
School girls in Hong Kong
A toddler and his mum on a train in Myanmar. He was very shy but came out from behind his mum to snack on tiny eggs.
School children in Myanmar, cycling home


Vietnamese kindergarten students walking back to school. They had to hold on to each other’s T-shirt.
india kids1
Indian girl with her daddy. They took a picture of me so I took a picture of them 😀
mzanmar kids1
Nuns in Myanmar collecting alms
mzanmar kids2
Another favourite. This little girl was playing with a piece of metal. She threw it into the air then ran after it. She had the most adorable laugh.
ha giang kids2
Boy with his goats. Ha Giang, Vietnam
ha giang kids3
Local kids taking a bath in the river. They don’t have a bathroom and it can get very cold in the winter but luckily it was a sunny day. Ha Giang, Vietnam

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